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because we just love data.  

Visualizing data is a large part of data maieutics.  Pie charts, bar charts, spider charts, waterfall charts, histograms, pictograms, function plots and many more made beautiful. We want to share some of our work with you and will post our "visual of the week" here.

Visual of the week - 18/12/2020

We don't want a lot for Christmas. This is all we are asking for.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

What do you want for Christmas this year? We got our priorities straight. 

because we just love data. 

and some catchy songs. and maybe a hippopotamus.

Visual of the week - 11/12/2020

Giving great gifts is an art. But what makes a gift great?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

Part of the holiday fun is to find special gifts for your loved ones to enjoy. Also fun - receiving a nice gift. But does every gift spark the same joy? We took a closer look. 

because we just love data. 

and a pair of cozy socks. 

Visual of the week - 04/12/2020

Christmas ist just around the corner. And we know some telltale signs.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

It’s December. That means it is not always clear who is eating all those cookies or leaving stuff behind. We investigated. 

because we just love data. 

and the festive season. 

Visual of the week - 20/11/2020

We are once again attending a lot of video conferences. This seems to be the tool of choice.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz


We all use a multitude of tools every day. But at the moment it seems that one is more important than ever. We took a closer look. 

because we just love data. 

and good tooling. 

Visual of the week - 13/11/2020

Winter air und helmet hair. In any case - ski season is opening!  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

Do the mountains call to you and if so, do you answer? In any case now would be the perfect time to don your warm clothes, take your skis and hit the slopes. 

because we just love data. 

and fresh snow.

Visual of the week - 06/11/2020

Halloween may be over, but that does not mean one has not to deal with printers from hell.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

We have all  been there. In a bit of a rush and we just need that one page printed as soon as possible. But somehow your printer does not share in on the rush. Instead we hear a lot of whirring, whooshing, brrrring, clicking and clanking.  and maybe eventually the sound of actually printing.  we took a look at the probability. 

because we just love data. 

but not those odds.

Visual of the week - 30/10/2020

Everybody scream. In this town of halloween.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

Tomorrow is All Hallow's Eve. Classic Halloween activities include eating a lot sweets, donning scary costumes, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, apple bobbing, divination games, telling scary stories, as well as watching scary movies. 

We have our checklist ready. 

because we just love data. and being prepared.

Visual of the week - 23/10/2020

Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

When is the best time to think of your next costume? Directly after the costume party is over. True to the motto after the game is before the game, good preparation is everything. Otherwise you run into a spiral of stress and possible failure. 

because we just love data. 

and being prepared. 

Visual of the week - 16/10/2020

Right now, we are experts on serial killers. Ask us anything.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

Our body is made up of 72% precent water. Except in the month of Spooktober. Then we learn so many unsettling and totally irrelevant facts, that it seem like our entire body physiology changes. Until November 1st. Then we are a 100% candy. 

because we just love data. 

and being a bit overindulgent.

Visual of the week - 09/10/2020

Scary facts are the best. But wait, are they really facts?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

The itsy bitsy spider does not get eaten at all. At least not by you, unknowingly, in your sleep. This "fact" has caused many a sleepness night. But it is really just an urban myth. Or is it?

because we just love data. 

and getting our facts straight.

Visual of the week - 01/10/2020

Finally, Spooktober is here - our fun begins with gathering some neat ingredients and making pumpkin soup for dinner.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz



Get ready for some harmless, spooky fun. In this month of Halloween we will be sharing some scary visualizations. 

because we just love data. 

and spooktober.

Visual of the week - 25/09/2020

It is cold and murky outside today. But a cup of warm coffee is quite comforting. And maybe a pair of warm socks.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

“Winter is coming” may always ring true, but for now the season just seems to shift to fall. But what are the clear signs? We took a closer look. 

because we just love data. 

and (yes we admit it) a cup of pumpkin spice latte.

Visual of the week - 18/09/2020

Isn't having a great idea just the best? Thinking of something awesome, starting to work on it, thinking about it some more, mulling it over while having some coffee… but what happens then?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

In order to not get stuck in a loop, you need discipline, a clear plan, and maybe some small tricks. 

because we just love data. 

and getting from start to finish. 

Visual of the week - 11/09/2020

Ok, we admit it. We might love coffee a bit too much. But is there anything better than that first hot cup of coffee in the morning?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Studies show the positive effect of a cup of coffee. It can improve your focus, motivation, memory, mood, and cognition. 

So have a cup (or two).

because we just love data. 

and a good mood booster. 

Visual of the week - 04/09/2020

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks. All measures of time. But isn’t it funny how time can pass in the blink of an eye or stretch itself out for what feels like an eternity?   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

We took a look at how time passes during the week. 

because we just love data.

and the concept of time perception. 

Visual of the week - 28/08/2020

We could really go for some ice cream today...    #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream. But what flavor of this frozen delicacy is the most desired one? We took a closer look. 

because we just love data. 

and a big waffle cone.

Visual of the week - 21/08/2020

What about those plans for this year?    #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

This year came along with a lot a changes in our day to day lives. If we could sum up each month in a single frame, it would look somewhat like this - and feel accordingly. 

because we just love data. 

and getting to the point.

Visual of the week - 14/08/2020

The eternal mystery - company or delivery?    #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Ding dong! The chime of the doorbell announces arrivals at your doorstep. But what is more likely - company or those packages you ordered? We took a closer look. 

because we just love data. and those odds.

Visual of the week - 07/08/2020

We put our headphones on.    #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz


There have always been multiple reasons for using headphones at work. Time to analyze the most common uses. 

Because we just love data. 

And good acoustics. 

Visual of the week - 31/07/2020

wüw mir Date so gärn hei. because we just love data.    #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Üs isch immer wichtig guet vorbereitet und organisiert z'si. Das nid nume bim Schaffe sondern bsundrigs denn wenns um Fiirlechkeite geit. Drum lege mir diräkt los, sodass o aues pünktlech fertig isch um üsä Fiirtig richtig chönne z'gniesse. 

wüw mir Date so gärn hei.

und es perfekt brätlets Cervelat.

Being well-prepared and organized is always of importance to us. Not only at work, but especially when it comes to celebrations. So let’s get everything done in time, so that we can enjoy our Swiss national holiday. 

because we just love data.

and a perfectly barbequed cervelat.

Visual of the week - 24/07/2020

Sometimes there is more to what was said.    #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz


We all hear and say a lot of words in our daily work. Most of them are related to the way how, when, or why we are doing things. 

We traced them back to their common core. 

because we just love data.  and getting things done. 

Visual of the week - 17/07/2020

Sometimes you just need to eat that frog!    #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Being organized and getting things done early in the morning leaves one with a sense of accomplishment - the ideal start into the day. 

because we just love data. 

and  a nice cup of coffee.

Visual of the week - 10/07/2020

Traveling equals discovery!    #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Adventure is just around the corner - sometimes you just need to turn to public transportation to discover wonderful new places.  

because we just love data. 

and mobility.

Visual of the week - 03/07/2020

The 3rd of July is disobedience day. We rally for more creativeness, fresh perspectives and out of the box (tank) thinking.    #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Being disobedient means something different to everyone. 

Today on “disobedience day” we strive not to swim against the current but to explore new paths and let that creative energy flow. 

because we just love data. and a fresh perspective.

Visual of the week - 26/06/2020

Summertime and the living is easy? Vacation planning (and booking) is serious stuff!   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Vacation planning was probably never completely straightforward, but once you had the details figured out it - you made your booking. 

Now we observe a line straight to the sofa (or the park) and a lot of bookmarking of dream destinations. 

because we just love data. 

and making travel plans.

Visual of the week - 19/06/2020

Coffee is always the answer. What was the question?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz


There is a fine line between productivity enhancement and anxiety when it comes to coffee consumption.  

Or is it a curve? 

because we just love data.

Visual of the week - 12/06/2020

Eat, surf, sleep, repeat. We discovered the bermuda triangle of time.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Our (data) scientists have identified the real bermuda triangle, where time seems to be disappearing under mysterious circumstances. 

because we just love data. 

and getting to the bottom of things.

Visual of the week - 05/06/2020

Any associations to a popular arcade game are purely coincidental.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Our Friday visualization is always a source of great fun to us. 

because we just love data. 

and making it beautiful.

Visual of the week - 29/05/2020

Words, words, words. The way we type in chat says a lot about the "type" of conversation.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

In times of distributed teams and remote work good collaboration tools are key. 

So is chatting as a form of communication. 

because we just love (visualizing) data. and a nice chat.

Visual of the week - 22/05/2020

Sustenance is always important. The "correct" pairing of a meal with the ideal beverage not so much.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Food and beverage habits might be subject to circumstantial change. 

Post-lockdown, finding the most suitable combination seems more important, yet again. 

because we just love data. and the perfect drink.

Visual of the week - 15/05/2020

What time is it? Weekly visual time.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

We spend a lot of time in conference calls - fun stuff. 

During the calls we get to see  our colleagues, and of course ourselves. 

because we just love visualizing (and) data.

Visual of the week - 08/05/2020

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

As we all spend more time at home an urge to tidy up is ever-present.


because we just love structured data.

Visual of the week - 01/05/2020

No hairstyle, no problem? We are happy that we can now maintain our hairstyles as we like them, once again.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

As our movement habits changed, so did our hairstyles. 

because we just love data. 

and almost imperceivable changes.

Visual of the week - 24/04/2020

Marzili, Aare, Tramdepot, Schanze or Rosengarten? Nope.  We are currently staying home.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

We are located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Naturally, you would normally find us at one of the many hotspots. With changed priorities our movement habits changed a bit. 

because we just love data. 

and staying healthy.

Visual of the week - 17/04/2020

Trying times tend to reveal the "true" importance of certain things. What do you miss most?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

our observations reveal the significance of different things in 2020 thus far.

because we just love data. 

and getting a proper haircut.

Visual of the week - 09/04/2020

Easter is just around the corner. And so are some amazing Easter treats. Which would you like to see in your basket?   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #thursdaydataviz

We all enjoy a nice treat, but take the contents of our Easter baskets quite seriously. 

What better time for a small candy faceoff?

May the best candy win! 

because we just love data. 

Visual of the week - 03/04/2020

We are all having more conference calls than usual.  What words do we hear the most?   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

conference calls do follow a certain logic of their own. 

during the past 3 weeks we kept track of the most uttered words during meetings. 

because we just love data. 

Visual of the week - 27/03/2020

We are mindful to the world around us and want everyone to stay happy, healthy and focused. Setting daily goals can help.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

During these times we try to stay happy, healthy and focused. 

because we just love data. 

and visualizing our goals.

Visual of the week - 20/03/2020

Shopping habits can be an interesting thing to analyze. Got everything you need for the weekend already?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

We observed the shopping habits of people during these times.  

because we just love data. 

and good nutrition.

Wednesday Visual - 18/03/2020

Home Office can be so inspiring - hence a small mid-week visual to share.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #flattenthecurve #datavisualization


because we just love data.  

and home office. 

and dogs.

Visual of the week - 13/03/2020

Fridays are nothing to be afraid of. Same with black cats.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

because we just love data. 

and Fridays. 

and cats.

Visual of the week - 06/03/2020

Fun with whiteboards. What do we use these for at triniqua?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

Our whiteboard usage visualized. 

because we just love data. 

and doodling.

Visual of the week - 28/02/2020

Coffee is the substance that keeps us all running. So what could have been a better place to start from?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

Our weekly coffee consumption visualized. 

because we just love data. 

and coffee.