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because we just love data.  

Visualizing data is a large part of data maieutics.  Pie charts, bar charts, spider charts, waterfall charts, histograms, pictograms, function plots and many more made beautiful. We want to share some of our work with you and will post our "visual of the week" here.

Visual of the week - 29/05/2020

Words, words, words. The way we type in chat says a lot about the "type" of conversation.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

In times of distributed teams and remote work good collaboration tools are key. 

So is chatting as a form of communication. 

because we just love (visualizing) data. and a nice chat.

Visual of the week - 22/05/2020

Sustenance is always important. The "correct" pairing of a meal with the ideal beverage not so much.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

Food and beverage habits might be subject to circumstantial change. 

Post-lockdown, finding the most suitable combination seems more important, yet again. 

because we just love data. and the perfect drink.

Visual of the week - 15/05/2020

What time is it? Weekly visual time.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

We spend a lot of time in conference calls - fun stuff. 

During the calls we get to see  our colleagues, and of course ourselves. 

because we just love visualizing (and) data.

Visual of the week - 08/05/2020

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

As we all spend more time at home an urge to tidy up is ever-present.


because we just love structured data.

Visual of the week - 01/05/2020

No hairstyle, no problem? We are happy that we can now maintain our hairstyles as we like them, once again.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

As our movement habits changed, so did our hairstyles. 

because we just love data. 

and almost imperceivable changes.

Visual of the week - 24/04/2020

Marzili, Aare, Tramdepot, Schanze or Rosengarten? Nope.  We are currently staying home.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

We are located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Naturally, you would normally find us at one of the many hotspots. With changed priorities our movement habits changed a bit. 

because we just love data. 

and staying healthy.

Visual of the week - 17/04/2020

Trying times tend to reveal the "true" importance of certain things. What do you miss most?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

our observations reveal the significance of different things in 2020 thus far.

because we just love data. 

and getting a proper haircut.

Visual of the week - 09/04/2020

Easter is just around the corner. And so are some amazing Easter treats. Which would you like to see in your basket?   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #thursdaydataviz

We all enjoy a nice treat, but take the contents of our Easter baskets quite seriously. 

What better time for a small candy faceoff?

May the best candy win! 

because we just love data. 

Visual of the week - 03/04/2020

We are all having more conference calls than usual.  What words do we hear the most?   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

conference calls do follow a certain logic of their own. 

during the past 3 weeks we kept track of the most uttered words during meetings. 

because we just love data. 

Visual of the week - 27/03/2020

We are mindful to the world around us and want everyone to stay happy, healthy and focused. Setting daily goals can help.   #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics   #fridaydataviz

During these times we try to stay happy, healthy and focused. 

because we just love data. 

and visualizing our goals.

Visual of the week - 20/03/2020

Shopping habits can be an interesting thing to analyze. Got everything you need for the weekend already?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

We observed the shopping habits of people during these times.  

because we just love data. 

and good nutrition.

Wednesday Visual - 18/03/2020

Home Office can be so inspiring - hence a small mid-week visual to share.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #flattenthecurve #datavisualization


because we just love data.  

and home office. 

and dogs.

Visual of the week - 13/03/2020

Fridays are nothing to be afraid of. Same with black cats.  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

because we just love data. 

and Fridays. 

and cats.

Visual of the week - 06/03/2020

Fun with whiteboards. What do we use these for at triniqua?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

Our whiteboard usage visualized. 

because we just love data. 

and doodling.

Visual of the week - 28/02/2020

Coffee is the substance that keeps us all running. So what could have been a better place to start from?  #becausewejustlovedata   #datamaieutics  #fridaydataviz

Our weekly coffee consumption visualized. 

because we just love data. 

and coffee.