Summer Break

Summer has finally arrived and so has vaca time. Inevitably the question to answer will be: What are your plans this summer? If you take a trip or even when you stay home, you will plan activities. These can be fun like going on a hike, taking a swim, reading a good book or watching the sunrise. They can also just be a lot of chores that have just piled up during the normal daily grind. But no matter how fun, or not fun, you activity list for your summer is - you will probably not tick off every item off your list.

Why? Well, for one thing vacation time is the time to be spontaneous. You do not need to get things done off a list. Do what you feel like doing. Enjoy yourself. Let your mind wander. You want to go climbing instead of swimming? Go for it. You would rather read that book than repaint you shed - go for it. You want to meet your friends and have a big bbq? Go for it. Summer is not the time for meticulous planning. Summer is the time for letting loose. In any case: have a fun time!