the data maieutics team.
because we just love data.

the data maieutics team.
because we just love data.

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Data Maieutics

Data Maieutics.

The best way to access data's potential.
And your own.

Data maieutics (/mer`ju:tiks/) is our technique to elicit a clear and consistent expression of implicit knowledge. As experts in our respective fields we will gain you access to the hidden potential of your data. We don't have all the answers - you do.  
And with data maieutics we will get you there.

Strategic Data

Crucial to any successful endeavour is a well thought-out and robust strategy in conjunction with the best team to make it happen. We support both.

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Data Analytics

We  are masters at the subtle art of visualizing and analyzing data. After all, the purpose of data maieutics is to enable you to access the hidden potential of your data.

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Data Modeling

Data will only deliver answers to the questions you ask it to. Asking the right questions and creating a bespoke data model is a vital part of data maieutics.

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Intelligent Data

Our bespoke data models are the ideal basis for data intelligence. Nonetheless data is only as smart as the tasks it performs. We develop "real" intelligence. Together.

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Who We Are

This is Us!

The secret to achieving great results is great people that have sharp minds, experience, dedication and the right qualifications for the job. We are quite multi-faceted. We are data engineers, business analysts, tech-lovers, agile aficionados, visualization artists, project leads, business architects and strategists. Get a glimpse of us below and visit our public profiles for more information...

Lara Saitz
Picture Lara Saitz
70% knowledge
28% experience
2% smart-ass
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Charly & Emil
chief happiness
Verena Mai
Picture Verena Mai
50% scientist,
45% analyst,
6% non-confirmist
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Mission AND Vision
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We admit it.
We just love data.

Working with data does not have to be a dull affair. Everywhere we look - decisions are based on data. Data, as well as the quality of the used data sets, determines the world around us. So we better make it good.

Our Mission

We strive to break the vicious circle of basing strategies on unreliable or incorrect data.

We seek to empower companies to make decisions and develop strategies based on reliable data. Every day.

Our Vision

Simply put: we want to make hidden potential visible.

The longer version: we want to allow companies to enjoy data at its fullest and create smart data-based solutions and strategies.

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“Ever since your weekly visualization on conference calls,
I stopped constantly looking at my face.”

// FAn of our visual of the week
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“I am amazed at the way you manage to find clear and simple solutions for seemingly complex issues."

// Satisfied proJect Manager
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"I really enjoy the way you make data tangible. It is much easier for me to make the right decisions now.”

// Decision Maker
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We love data.
And so do you!

By now you are probably wondering - how can we work together?
Well, we have some ideas.

A Bespoke (Data) Strategy

Developing a strategy requires the perfect balance between absolute detail and absolute brevity. Together we develop robust strategies for you that just work and get you where you need to go.

Contact us to find out more. We will work out the perfect strategy together!

A Data Analysis (DSaaS)

You have a data set that you would like to get analyzed? Data Science as a Service it is. Provide the data, the questions you are seeking answers to, and we will get right to it. Be ready for new insights.

Get in touch and let's discuss your ideas! Rest assured - your data is in best hands.

A Perfect Visualization

You would like to present your data in a clear, concise and easy to understand way? We offer just that. We make data beautiful, as well as understandable for and relatable to you.

Take a look at our blog for small examples of our visualization work.

Additional Brain Power

We are able to lend a helping hand to make your (data) goals come true. Book us as data scientists, business consultants, project leads or coaches and profit from our extensive experience.

You need support getting your projects done? Contact us now for help!

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