What IT IS

Intelligent Data

Data is only as smart as the tasks it performs.
We develop "real" intelligence. 

Disciplines in data intelligence focus on understanding data, uncovering hidden truths, resolving issues, and identifying future trends to improve decisions. These days it also incorporates both artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, which permit organizations to analyze enormous amounts of data much faster and reliably than if done manually. The application of data intelligence tools and techniques can help decision makers develop a better understanding of collected information with the goal of developing better business processes.

Despite cutting edge technology and seemingly abundant available data the creation of truly smart data is anything but trivial. We help ask data the right questions and make your data as smart as you want it to be.

Data Ingestion

We move data. In order to be useful, the right data needs to be at the right place. Also ideally at the right time. We make that possible.

Data Automation

We have solutions ready to enable you to make the switch from manual imports to automated processes. Let's ensure data integrity.

Predictive Analytics

Can you see the future? We do not have a crystal ball, but we can help identify patterns that are even more effective. Let's take a look.

Machine Learning

A well-trained machine requires minimal human intervention. We systematically train your machines to perform the desired tasks correctly.

Deep Learning

You are smarter than your machines! They are not able to react to information "intuitively". We can help supervise the learning process.


We love knowledge.
And making data smarter.

As a team we are proud to have worked hard to gain knowledge. More than 100.000 hours of experience are the time made testament to our collective journey. Our curiosity is always piqued by the world around us and we are happy to learn new things every day. As we strive to impact and improve the world around us we came to find that data is key. It is all around us in varying forms of quality and quantity. Intelligent data can have a huge impact on how we see and understand the world. And although we are firm believers in data and technology, we are even firmer believers in human-centric approaches. The beneficiary of data intelligence shall in the end always be human.

Take that step towards real data intelligence with us. We propose the following options to work with us.

Data Organization

You need help organizing your data and/or automating the processes surrounding it? We like to create structures and processes that just work.

Tell us about your issues and we will find a smart solution.


You are interested in getting more out of your data and want to find out what the future holds for you?  Put the crystal balls away and we will make your data do the work.

Get in touch now!

Artificial Intelligence

You are looking for smart ai solution? We can help you on your way towards true data intelligence.

Contact us right away and will devise the best training plan for your data.