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Data Modeling

If you connect the nodes correctly, you will be surprised what you can discover.
Our bespoke data models allow for visibility of hidden patterns.

Data models provide a framework for data by providing specific definitions and formats. If a data model is used consistently across systems it can ensure the compatibility of data and as a result enable data to be shared seamlessly. A good data model can empower, a bad data model though has quite the opposite effect and can act as a restraint. Therefor it is essential to connect the nodes correctly and create the model you actually need - not just one that is good on paper.

Our modeling experience makes your data models look good. Not just on paper.

Data Modeling

A conceptual data model shows the data as it relates to the real world. This data model type can be seen as an architect's building plan - it sets the relationship between data items. We create models to deliver relevant and comprehensible answers for you!

Data Modeling

With a logical data model you can develop a technical map of rules and structures. It defines how a system is implemented, regardless of the database that will be used later on. We are able to create models like that. After all, it is only logical.

Data Modeling

A physical data model describes the database specific implementation of a data model. The purpose of such a model is not conceptual, but the actual development of the model. If this is what you need, we can create it.


We love data.
And connecting the nodes.

We are able to distinguish between good and bad data models. Over 100.000 hours of experience have to be good for something, right? The industry experience coupled with extensive knowledge in leading methodologies, tools and technology provides the right basis to create a fitting data model. Because although we are firm believers in data and technology, we are even firmer believers in human-centric approaches. Our data models shall always provide the basis for the answers you seek and not just benefit a "beautiful" model.

Let us build a solid data model together. Basically, there are two options how we can help.

Data Modeling

If you need expert support in creating data models, you came to the right people. Unleashing the full potential of data is what we do. And a good data model is essential. Without it you should not bother to dive deeper into any data-related issues.

Build a solid foundation now and contact us.

Semantic Data Modeling

You are tired of receiving gibberish instead of answers? The most unique aspect of a semantic graph model is its ability to infer the meaning of information. Anyone is able to read it! Would you like to use this unique modeling technique to make your data more comprehensible?

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