Weekend Vibes or Monday Anxiety?

There is a "clinical" term for what you might be experiencing on the weekend: deuterophobia. It is derived from the greek word deutera, meaning Monday and the greek word phóbos, meaning “fear” or “panic". Instead of enjoying your time off, or getting those pesky chores out of the way, you get this impending sense of doom. Although it is just Friday evening, your mind is already wandering towards all the things you will have to do on Monday.

Studies say that 72% of people feel weaker on Mondays and found that 35% of all sick leave is taken on a Monday. Interestingly enough the lowest sick leave rate was recorded on Fridays at just 3 percent of the total. Chance? Probably not. And we know it may not be easy to face Mondays, but there are a few things you can do to lower your anxiety. For example, schedule a fun afterwork activity on Monday or pack an extra special "Monday lunch". Going with the gourmet tastes of special orange cat with a distaste for Mondays, might we suggest lasagna?