Our new product is live!

Getting satisfying answers requires brain power. And lots of it. Or even better, our brain power. Combined in hirn®.

hirn® is not just the German word for brain. It stands for our custom data analysis product - Data Analysis as a Service (DAaaS). AI or artificial intelligence is a big buzzword. And that is also how we see it: a lot of buzz. As software engineers, tech aficionados, data scientists and pragmatists we know that true intelligence can only be found within our own brains. Not in the working of machines.

Why? Well, for one a machine is trained to perform a certain task. Granted, depending on the task, a machine might deliver better results than a human could. On the other hand it is only able to perform the task it was trained to perform.  But with our experience and brain power we are able to connect the dots and discover patterns. We do not believe in artificial intelligence or buzzwords. We believe in clean data, technology, a lot of computing power, and our own brains. And since we live and breathe data, we not only deliver answers, but present them in the best possible way. Take a look at the dedicated website.

And what is more - we offer this amazing product for a fixed price. No being in the dark about the final prices - we make it easy for you to see what is required, what we deliver and how much you pay. Easy, right? So what are you waiting for?