What are the odds?

The spooky season is upon us. During October, sorry, Spooktober, we remain true to form and will deliver fun data visuals all around spooky things. So we bring to your consideration the chances of survival in some popular movies. Our calculations include all victims per movie, killed directly or indirectly. Meaning: deaths done by the killer(s), accidents that resulted from being pursued, and suicides out of necessity, for these are all part of surviving in a slasher movie.

So should you wake up and see a weird doll, or it is Halloween and there is eerie music playing, or you are suddenly at a camp crystal lake, or you re asleep and see someone in a red and black striped sweater - you now know the odds of your getting out alive. Well, that is also related to your hair color and gender. But for now take our advice and run!!