Time to Die

Sound a bit gruesome? Well, maybe. In any case if you are a teenager in a horror movie, chances are you are not going to last long. But why is that the case? How come teenagers always seem to be the target of every serial killer around? Interestingly enough there are several good reasons for that. For one, teenagers or young adults are the target audience. Specifically the group of 15- to 24-year olds and mostly male. In order to cater to your target group is a good idea to have the main protagonists somewhere along the same age. Another reason of course is, that in order to get into some of those horror movie scenarios, you need to make a lot of really bad decisions. That does sound more like a teenager than an adult, doesn't it? A supremely competent character would be best forced out of the story as soon as possible. They could be lost, trapped, captured or killed off. And last, but not least: horror movie budgets tend to be small. Having a younger cast of unknown talents ensures that the budget can be kept. Simple economics.

So in this scenario you might not last long. But you can have some fun along the way. For a while at least.