Top 10 Female Dog Names

So, you decided to get a dog. First of all: Congratulations! You definitely made the right choice. Man's (and woman's for that matter) best friend is an excellent pick and will be your furry companion for many fun-filled years. But now that Fido will move into your house for good, and you’re buying dog food, treats, and toys, you’ve got to deal with the next step: how to name your dog. Naming your dog a unique dog name that is cool, creative, uncommon, clever, but also good dog names that make sense and aren’t needlessly complicated is a fine art.

Here are some common rules regarding picking a good dog name:

  1. Chose a name that ends with a vowel
  2. Avoid negative connotations
  3. Stick with two syllables
  4. Don't pick a name that can be confused with a command
  5. Don't choose similar names to your other pets
  6. Perform a "nickname" test
  7. Think of your dogs personality
  8. Choose 1 name and stick with it

Once you consider these 8 simple rules, finding an awesome name should be a snap. And if you need some inspiration we have a fun visual of the most common female dog names in Germany from 2012 to 2021 - courtesy of Tasso. Tasso is a wonderful organization that enables owners to register their pets and helps pet owners find missing pets. They support by publishing search reports of lost pets on their website. Also,Ii the case of animals that have been lost for a longer period of time, Tasso provides free search posters with photos of the animal, which can also be sent free of charge to animal welfare associations, veterinarians and pet shops in the area where the animal was last seen. If you live in Europe, registering with Tasso is a great idea!